Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sad News about Bob

It is with Deep sadness we have to announce the passing of Robert (Bob) Townsend the founder of Bob’s Nautical . Many in the sailing community know of Bob either personally or through his reputation and knowledge. Bob loved sailing and always enjoyed talking to people about sailing, sailing history and the County. 
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  1. I've known Bob since 1972 when our families joined the W.Y.C. It was more of an "embrace" with Bob however, as his activities in and around the Club and the boating scene beyond were quite amazing.

    He expressed some great ideas for Lights-In-Line and soon became its editor, helping to coordinate the activities of a very rapidly-growing Club. He helped untagle some very tricky legal issues in the early days, and was instrumental in providing us with a very creditable and enduring set of By-Laws. After the devastating storm damage in 1977, Bob played a major role in saving the Club by negotiating a long-term lease on the Federal water lot, and thus allowing for the financial arrangements to proceed. Bob also chaired "The Winter Sailing Program" for years and, through his outside boating connections and interests, brought world-class sailors, yachtsmen of distinction, builders, suppliers, slide shows and related, to an often sold-out house.

    After out-growing the CS-22, the family purchased their much-loved Alberg 30, "Odyssey" in the latter part of the 1970s, and Bob piled up the flags and other "hardware", from not only Club racing and cruising, but from around the Lake and beyond -- all with the help and support of his First Mate, Mandy (and a few of the offspring).

    In 1978 Bob, and "the other Bob" (Griffith) and I sailed Odyssey to Bermuda . Later "the two Bobs" raced Odyssey in the "Bermuda 1-2" out of Newport Rhode Island; and in 1980 Bob chaired our organizing committee on the "Lake Ontario Cruise to Newport" in which several WYC boats participated.

    But the boating scene was just one of Bob's "engagements". He was active in many other non-boating organizations and clubs . . . . . to the point where one wondered when he had time to visit his office. [And all before the Blackberry and iPhone.]

    After "retiring" Bob and Mandy moved to the Bay of Quinte where they put out two moorings and noted in Lights-in-Line the co-ordinates, and that W.Y.C members were welcome to pick up a mooring and come in for a "gam". In that area Bob naturally joined the local historical society and the museum, and began writing in earnest. He has countless articles and several books to his credit and, through his research, became one of the leading experts on early Canadian maritime, naval and yachting history.

    Bob came out here to visit us every year since we moved to B.C., except for the past two when he began to slow down. He is one of the most generous and engaging men I have ever met, and we'll miss him.

    Ed McPherson Gibsons BC